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My new vehicle.

After driving a compact car for five years (a Maruti WagonR), we are planning to buy a bigger car. After all, if we want to move up in the social hierarchy, we have to have a bigger car. Like all good planners, me and my wife sat down and made a requirement list. Here it goes

  • Should be loooong.
  • Should have plenty of leg space.
  • Should have plenty of seating space for expanding family.
  • Should be strong and sturdy.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Rugged so that we can take it to places beyond the usual weekend getaways.

After very careful selection, we have got a winner here. You can read more about this here

Our next "Car"

Our next "Car"

Imagine how much fun it would be to drive this beauty on the Delhi roads. No need to worry about lunatic Blue line drivers who drive on the right most lane and change lanes without caring for traffic just behind them; those idiot motorcyclist who overtake from the left after you have given a left turn signal; those stupid expensive car drivers who think that it was their forefathers who built the road and hence they can get away with anything.

Imagine,  driving just in front of above mentioned category at an irritating pace of 10 kmph. Any signs of dissent can be crushed by just a gentle movement of that M2 Browning machine gun. Road rage, my foot.