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It could have been a masterpiece

While others might be going gaga over the Aamir Khan/Raju Hirani latest movie “3 Idiots”, I beg to differ a bit. No doubt that the movie was very good and for most of the time, I was holding my stomach and laughing my guts out. And living my college life once again as well. But still after coming out of the cinema hall, the feeling was of coming from a grand feast where the dessert had a bit too much sugar.

After all, Hirani had earlier directed the Munna Bhai series and Aamir has given us “Taare Zameen Par”. (I am not counting the mindless violence and gore of “Ghajini”, so what if it is one of the highest grosser of all time). Films that have set the benchmark in moralistic story telling without being preachy.  Films that had very taut story line with not a scene out of place.

For a long time, I have been complaining about our education system. We do not allow creativity and independent thinking at all. And here the movie gets it spot on. In its unique sartorial style it brings the deficiency of the education system to the fore. I am sure a lot of people (including me) would actually identify with the character of “Chatur” more than anyone else.  Also the chamatkar/balatkar speech is simply fabulous for the point it makes.

However, certain scenes like the baby delivery sequence  are a bit jarring in the movie. They are improbable and unnecessarily extend the length of the movie, and well effectively, repeat the same point over and over again.

A little bit of scissor wielding and this could have been the Movie of the Decade for me. Sadly it just falls at the finish line.