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Eclim :- I have the power

I live and die by Vim. No no, I don’t mean to start any flame war between users of Emacs and Vi(m). Its just that I have been using it for a long time and now its is wired into my fingers as well. (Darn how many times I have tried to save this draft by pressing Esc + :w). And then sometimes I use Java as well for some tasks. (I can already hear applauses from one side and derisive sniggers from other). I also belong to that school of thought who think that you must use some IDE for working in Java. Eclipse servers my need pretty well. I did miss the advanced editor support though.

Today I stumbled across eclim and I must say I am mighty impressed with whatever I have explored so far.  It gives you the power of eclipse without loosing the cozy confines of vim. So far I have used this on Linux only. Vim stays responsive enough but then I also gave 2GB of RAM :p. S