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Worst show on Indian television.

There might be more trivial and cheap shows on air but fortunately I have not seen them. However, I have been fortunate enough to see another trashy show MTV Splitsvilla. I will admit I have a bias against the new generation from Delhi and Chandigarh but then they always do something to prove my point. First it was this brigade, especially Palak, on MTV Roadies season 6 and now most of the contestants on this show are also from Delhi and Punjab. What is it that attracts trash (shows on MTV) and trash (you know what) is unfathomable.

The show teaches everybody to back bite, bitch, use foul language, do everything that would otherwise be termed as shocking.  I am quite surprised that such a show is on air and getting sufficient TRPs as well.

Worst part  is that people who have been dumped get to write their own blog.  And then they attract a lot of comments. The language used in blog as well as in comments is horrendous. I am surprised MTV has not been sued for libel or for obscenity. If that is the type of language used by youngsters then I am happy that I am getting old


Why I follow IPL on cricinfo

After promising all and sundry that I would not watch IPL, I reneged. After all, Rahul Dravid and others of my generation are performing so well. For some, the sun has already set on their international cricket, for some its the last rays of their golden dusk. But they have proved that when it comes to excellence, only skills count and not the age.

However, the telecast on Sony sucks big time.Enduring Mandira, Arun Lal and Samir Kochar requires a lot of patience. And perhaps Chang should stick to hosting Indian Idol. Imagine he asked Ross Taylor, “Are you happy that you are not playing in this game”. Grimace.

And then it is such a shame to see legendary cricketers and television presenters turning into desperate salesmen. I am sure that day is not far when a wicketkeeper would be pepping up the bowler by saying , “Aayega aayega ek city moment of success aayega”, instead of the usual “ek wicket aayega is over mein” or the spectators would not be asking for 6 but rather a DLF maximum. Such crass commercialization.

That is why I have the television on mute and for experts comments, I am tuning into Cricinfo.

PS : I do hope that Sehwag would give Glen Mcgrath a chance soon.

Update: I read this on cricinfo regarding the commentary.