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WiFi Speed

I have purchased a new NETGEAR WGR614v9 wireless router. For security I configured it to use WPA2 Personal using AES-128 for encryption. I have purchased a broadband plan that gives me 2 Mbps connection speed. But I have noticed that when I connect from Windows, I get a maximum download speed of around 55 KBps where as when I use Linux I get a speed of around 150-160 KBps from the same site. ( While updating packages from the Ubuntu repositories, this goes upto 260 KBps.

Are there any known ways of tweaking the Windows stack for getting more performance or is it really broken?


Another WTH Moment

For some time now I am trying to swim drown in the vast ocean of Winsock programming. And for the  last 7 days I keep saying WTFH. Apparently there is no way (or at least I could not find one)  in Winsock to find out if a socket has been already put into non-blocking mode. Something that can be accomplished in the Unix world with very trivial code.

Is it really that hard?