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Tabloid journalism

We (me and my wife) are “avid” readers of a tabloid “Metro Now”. It is an (unholy? eh) alliance of the two major news paper groups  “The Time Of India” and “Hindustan Times”. We had hoped that this would bring the best of two groups together but it seems this ended up putting the worst people on the same board.

A few days earlier, it had carried an article on glamour in sports. I don’t have any issues with that. But I guess articles like these should appear in the glamour/fashion section rather than hogging space in the sports section. Sports section should have an article like this. But then am I justified in expecting real journalism from a tabloid?

PS : Oops I just revealed that I am a male and married. From my previous posts I think people have already guessed that I am an Indian as well. Wow, personal details that people (un/sub)consciously reveal when they start writing a blog. May be we should discuss this as well.