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My new vehicle.

After driving a compact car for five years (a Maruti WagonR), we are planning to buy a bigger car. After all, if we want to move up in the social hierarchy, we have to have a bigger car. Like all good planners, me and my wife sat down and made a requirement list. Here it goes

  • Should be loooong.
  • Should have plenty of leg space.
  • Should have plenty of seating space for expanding family.
  • Should be strong and sturdy.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Rugged so that we can take it to places beyond the usual weekend getaways.

After very careful selection, we have got a winner here. You can read more about this here

Our next "Car"

Our next "Car"

Imagine how much fun it would be to drive this beauty on the Delhi roads. No need to worry about lunatic Blue line drivers who drive on the right most lane and change lanes without caring for traffic just behind them; those idiot motorcyclist who overtake from the left after you have given a left turn signal; those stupid expensive car drivers who think that it was their forefathers who built the road and hence they can get away with anything.

Imagine,  driving just in front of above mentioned category at an irritating pace of 10 kmph. Any signs of dissent can be crushed by just a gentle movement of that M2 Browning machine gun. Road rage, my foot.


Loyal than the king

I saw a very lively and informed debate yesterday on CNN -IBN. See a related article by the host of the show, Sagarika Ghosh. On panel were Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, and Rama Chandra Guha. The topic of discussion was Mr. Jaswant Singh’s book on Jinnah and the Gujrat’s government order of banning the same. While it was apparent that neither of the two politician had actually taken out the time to go through the book, they were merely intent to kowtow to their respective party agenda. Guha on the other hand was in a belligerent mood. Like the great batsmen of his books on cricket, he was smashing all arguments put forward by Singhvi and Prasad. It was really hard to believe that Singhvi is a respected lawyer as well such was the force of Guha’s arguments.

On the same note, some days back Shashi Tharoor had also tweeted that all sorts of thoughts are encouraged in Congress. He forgot to mention that in none of these thoughts anybody dares to criticize the Nehru-Gandhi family.  The man who actually resurrected Congress, a certain Mr P.V. Narasimha Rao, is no longer talked about only because

  • He did not belong to the “Family”
  • Sonia Gandhi was not powerful at that time and Narasimha Rao was not averse to becoming the center of power in Congress.

As for BJP, right now, its a sinking ship. Clueless after losing the by-elections, state elections and now finally the general elections, they have no where to hide. Right now they simply have to  follow RSS. It was not about Anti-Patel that has triggered this, rather it is pro-Jinnah stand that they must oppose. For anti-Jinnah, anti-Pakistan, anti-Muslim and Hindutva is somehow related in their twisted and warped thinking.

So as Sagarika Ghosh summed it up, every body is trying to be more loyal than the king.

Three cheers for Mayawati

The Indian media and the so called intellectuals have been criticizing Mayawati over the various parks that she is getting constructed. I regularly get to see the one coming up in Noida and had been fortunate enough to see a colossus coming up in Lucknow. Intelligentsia regularly points to the thousands of crores of public money going down the drain. But is it really the case? Or is it once again a case of upper class English speakers vs a poor “%$%^& woman. (Censored so that I do not get caught in SC/ST act)

Consider the number of people getting employed in this noble venture. After all these poor artisans should do something for their living. Its another thing that they could have been building schools or hospitals as well but then this is like a practice match for them. One day they shall be playing real game. Also consider the number of people employed in the security of these sheets of bronze and stones and marbles. Its another thing that they could have been providing security against the rampant goondaism prevalent in most of the cities in U.P. particularly in Noida and Lucknow.

Just think about the birds. They now have a better place (a particular bronze statue) to drop their missiles. Poor Rahul Bose’s car can be spared. (Remember Jhankar Beats). And think about all those new employment opportunities of cleaning that bird poop.

Three cheers for our great leader. Hip Hip Hurray

Pirated Linux!

A few days back I had visited my parent’s home at Lucknow. My father had Fedora core 3 running on his box and I thought I should now upgrade that. After all, the packages for this particular release are no longer available at the official fedora web site as well. Even though I swear by Ubuntu, I could not arrange its DVD in time but I did manage to grab a copy of Fedora 10 DVD. Unfortunately, the system did not boot from it.

So I visited the Naaz Market, the local IT hub to get a fresh copy . BTW you can get pirated versions of almost all software there. So I asked one vendor if he has any flavour of Linux especially Fedora. He proudly said yes, version Redhat 9.0. That is so stone age (circa 2002). I moved to next shop. Same question from me. The shopkeeper almost whispered another question into my ears. ” Do you want Pirated or Original Fedora CDs”? I was flabbergasted. With a twinkle in my eye I said, I wanted pirated ones.  Still the DVD was costing Rs 200. So I refused.

I finally bought the April copy of PC Quest and installed Debian Lenny that came along with it. Free and Original.