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My new vehicle.

After driving a compact car for five years (a Maruti WagonR), we are planning to buy a bigger car. After all, if we want to move up in the social hierarchy, we have to have a bigger car. Like all good planners, me and my wife sat down and made a requirement list. Here it goes

  • Should be loooong.
  • Should have plenty of leg space.
  • Should have plenty of seating space for expanding family.
  • Should be strong and sturdy.
  • Easy maneuverability.
  • Rugged so that we can take it to places beyond the usual weekend getaways.

After very careful selection, we have got a winner here. You can read more about this here

Our next "Car"

Our next "Car"

Imagine how much fun it would be to drive this beauty on the Delhi roads. No need to worry about lunatic Blue line drivers who drive on the right most lane and change lanes without caring for traffic just behind them; those idiot motorcyclist who overtake from the left after you have given a left turn signal; those stupid expensive car drivers who think that it was their forefathers who built the road and hence they can get away with anything.

Imagine,  driving just in front of above mentioned category at an irritating pace of 10 kmph. Any signs of dissent can be crushed by just a gentle movement of that M2 Browning machine gun. Road rage, my foot.


The Case of the aborted checkouts

As a user I have used CVS a lot but don’t have much experience with CVS administration. Still I took the onerous task of setting up a CVS server for my team. I can already here some snigger here but then we don’t really need Git and  heck, I am a programmer and I have every rights to be lazy.  I wanted to set up appropriate restrictions and allow read only access to the server as well. After some trial and error, I managed that and created some empty repositories for good measures, tested it on Linux and rolled it out for production use.

Imagine my horror, when the first users (that is apart from me) complained of aborted checkout errors. Even after specifying the correct server and repository path, TortoiseCVS would throw the following error message

cvs checkout: cannot open CVS/Entries for reading: No such file or directory

Soon everybody started to complain about the same problem. All users had TortoiseCVS on Windows and sure enough when I tried the same on Windows, I got the same error.  After playing around with some settings and blaming Windows, TortoiseCVS, CVSNT in that particular order and then blaming myself for making some mistake while setting up the server, I proceeded to “twiddling thumbs and sulking in a corner” role.

After coming back from work, I casually mentioned this to my wife and immediately she said “Elementary my dear Watson. It must be pruning empty directories and since the repository is currently empty …..”. And sure enough, right in the preference box, this option was staring in my face.  Once I unchecked that, voila the error message disappeared.

Things are working fine now and I think I can add CVS administration to my resume now

Moral of the story: Wives == Sherlock Holmes

NIC and its love for IE

I am no HTML expert. Hell, I can barely recall two or three HTML tags so I don’t exactly know the complexity of setting up a website. But I do know that users cannot be tied into one platform unless they have no choice what so ever. (AutoCAD anyone). And when it comes to browsers people are very specific. Like I use to be a big fan of Opera until I ran into FireFox and its amazing array of add ons and extensions. Its a tad disappointing to still run into web Sites that specifically ask for IE only. Trying to see them from a Linux Box is practically a hopeless situation.

In this regard, web sites set up by the National Informatics Center, New Delhi are the biggest culprit. For example see the fine print here, here, here and here. Mind you, this find print does affect the overall working of these sites and these are just some random samples. And these are not exactly earth shattering web sites as well. Why can’t our government body come up with effective browser neutral web sites? Is it because they get most of the work done by interns?

Why is Jagjit Singh angry

Apparently Jagjit Singh did not like “Jai Ho” or for that matter “Masakali”. Well in my personal opinion, Rehman has given better music, but if he wins it for this one, its good for him. And Jagjit Singh berating the level of poetry in these two songs is a bit too much. The lyrics of his recent albums haven’t been really earth shattering. For that matter, I think Jagjit Singh is better off when he is not composing for himself. Remember “Aisi aankhen nahin dekhi “. Off late his compositions tend to be repetitive and its quite difficult to recall the name of the album.

So is it just publicity?

Bugs bugs everywhere everywhere

Time to gripe again.  Sounding like a whiner, ain’t I. But then don’t we all expect things to work perfectly. Recently I changed WordPress settings to use  SSL for admin pages. I use opera for my browsing experience and have installed flashblocker for obvious reasons. Now the trouble is that I cannot access statistics for this site. (It is a flash plug in for the really uninformed.) So I cannot see the really high rate (quote this as an example of hyperbole in your term examinations) of traffic coming to this blog. And the blasted thing is that I have forgotten how to disable this setting. EEEEEEks.

Hey I just noticed that the spell checker marks “WordPress” and “blog” as spelling errors. Am I missing something? Am I griping too much? May be this is a sign for me to shut up.

Happy new year.

Just when I though that I would wish every one a very happy new year, I stumbled upon this site.  Well the article says that security researchers have created “rogue” Certification Authority using “broken” MD5 hashes. Is it time now to disallow all MD5 hashed certificates ?  Wait have I really opened my bank’s web site?