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An enthralling book.

It is going to be a prolific day for me. After all two blog post on a single day from me tantamount to 150 that Gautam Gambhir scored today :P.

Ok Ok. I think I should get back to the point. Some days back, I had blogged about an article by Ramachandra Guha on Anil Kumble. Mighty impressed by that, I bought this enthralling read “A Corner of a Foreign Field” by the same author.  The book analyses the Indian psyche with regards to cricket. After all, just recently ICC created a mini storm in India by not including Tendulkar in its list of greatest batsmen. The book explores how cricket was first played by British soldiers in India and then how slowly, natives started liking the game. It also gives an interesting insight into the politics and the social system of the times.

Parsis, who followed everything British, were the first ones to adopt the game. Interestingly nationalist like Dadabhai Naroji also had a keen following in the game. Slowly others started to follow the game, reasons and means being different for everyone.

Now we have reached a stage where perfect strangers can discuss the game passionately for hours. Remember the Reliance ad “Square cut maarna tha na yaar”.

We should have been taught history in this manner only.What games did Ibrahim Lodhi followed? Did Auranzeb play “Gilli-Danda”?  Then I am sure I would have maxed history paper. 🙂